Ksubi x Trippie Redd: Exclusive Spring 2024 Collaboration

If you love your jeans ripped, destroyed, and destructed, then you’ll definitely love this newest Ksubi collaboration!

For their latest “adventure”, Ksubi joined with recording artist, Trippie Redd. And, of course, The 21 piece collection also includes some pretty cool denims as well. Like these shredded bad boys and the graffiti jeans, another Ksubi trademark.

The parallels shared between Ksubi and Redd made this collection feel especially authentic. Ksubi has long been known for its luxurious-but-rebellious approach to fashion, with an emphasis on individuality and customization. Redd, for his part, is steeped in a punk ethos and aesthetic, pulling inspiration from the worlds around him and experimenting with disparate elements to develop and evolve his style. Naturally, his approach lends itself to this collection, with each look reflecting the many characters Redd expresses when playing with fashion.

“When it comes to both music and fashion, I never like to be put in a box. I express myself fully without any boundaries which is why it made sense to link up with Ksubi,” Trippie Redd said of the collab. “I wanted the collection to feel authentically me, and I’m excited to bring new designs to Ksubi that aren’t typically what they’ve done before and to bring that vision to life.”

You can shop for this capsule collection on the Ksubi website as well as in selected stores.

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