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NET-A-PORTER Denim Sale Under $100 Available Still

If you love high-end denims, then this NET-A-PORTER denim sale is absolutely going to make your day/weekend! And even though

Have You Heard? Barney’s Is Back @SAKS – Really?

The way we remember Barney's, it was just not some retailer you could fit onto a floor at some other retailer. So okay, we know that there

BLANKNYC Surprise Sale❤ 20% Off All Bottoms

So how about some weekend good news ----- BLANKNYC right now has a promotion going on on their website. They're offering 20%

Shopping: Cool New Denims For The Guys

{updated 01/09/21} We know that many of you guys out there love to wear the same jeans over and over again, to fade them, make them your own. But still, every once in a while you will feel the need for

Sales: Now You Can Buy Those Hi-Price Jeans For Le$$?

I am sure that many times it happens to you, too - without even looking you come across a pair of jeans and fall desperately in love with them. And then you look at the price tag and it' like

ALLSAINTS – Some Cool New Denims And More!

ALLSAINTS has been our go-to lifestyle brands for many years. We love their denims as well as many of their quirky and often "overwhelming" other clothes.

NET-A-PORTER 25% Off Promo Including Jeans, of Course!

So, this is a really rare happening - we can't even remember the last time we got lucky like that at NET-A-PORTER (was that really already one year ago??)! Their friends & family

Eye-Catching Denim on Sale RN: Ksenia Schnaider

If you are like us and love to wear some really different and eye-catching denims every once in a while, but no way shelling out big bucks....Then the good news is that there is a lot of Ksenia Schnaider on sale

Splurge BUT on Sale: Balmain Men’s Studded Jeans

Just so you know we're always looking out for you - when it comes to denim, of course! If you love metal studded jeans, and also love designer jeans, and love yourself a cool label.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – We’re Buying Jeans

One of the best things every season are sales! There is no better and no more valid excuse to shop for something new. In our case, we are so totally updating our denim wardrobe.