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BLANKNYC – 20% Off Absolutely Everything!

We love sales, discounts, and any kind of promotion, actually, who doesn't, right ;-) And when we found out that New York based brand, BLANKNYC, is having a very special promo going on right now

Sales – Yes, Please! Best Jeans for Le$$ to Buy RN (Men)

Men's denims are pretty much focused on three classic styles: the skinny, the slim/straight, and the relaxed. So if you need to add some new jeans to your closet, this is a good

Sales – Yes, Please! Best Jeans for Le$$ to Buy RN (Women)

So may sales, so many jeans to choose from - you feel quite a bit lost. And that's where your Denimology team comes in. Believe us, we used to feel overwhelmed by all the discounts and sales offers out there.

Top Jeans of the Week – Sale Edition

This is one of the best sales times of the year, and no better way to add to your denim closet than shopping for jeans right now. We're talking about those jeans you probably wouldn't even consider buying under normal

Black Friday Pre-Sale: Must-Have Staple Jeans for Le$$

I guess that few words are needed here LOL! As always, we did the work for you and searched around for the best sales and promos for you to buy your new pair of jeans

On Our (Denim) Radar: Verishop – Veridenim and Verichic

Riding in subways here in New York City, or taking a cab - lately we have noted the Verishop advertising popping up like every-where! And we're so totally into their "verichic", "veriquick"

Barney’s – A Tribute to Our Denim Mecca

Barney's New York - an era has come to an end and we are filled with sadness and, yes, "homeless". And just before you start asking us why we feel so sad, empty, abandoned, forsaken, lost.... it is because it's now official that

Topshop – We’ve Missed You Here in the USA

Are you part of the Topshop loving cult that felt absolutely desolate with their abrupt parting from the USA? Well then, here's some good news - at least for the ladies. You can again shop for them at any Nordstrom store as well

BLANKNYC – All Denim Shorts and Skirts 25% Off!

We couldn't ask for a better reason to shop for high-summer denims! Right now with the temperatures a steady 80 to 90 degrees, what we can't get enough of are denim cut-offs and denim skirts.

BLANKNYC – 30% Off Everything is Happening RN!

We're not kiddin' you! It's for real. All of the BLANKNYC stuff on their website is 30% off. And that goes for men's, women's and girl's.