AG Jeans – What’s Old Is New Collection S/S 2024

What’s old is new again. Yesterday’s jeans become today’s denim as AG Jeans’ ‘The Jean of Tomorrow™’ evolves.



Turning your old jeans into NEW

“The seed for circularity began in 2023 with AG’s recycled exploration of The Jean of Tomorrow™. We partnered with a denim mill specializing in transforming post-consumer materials to new fabrications. The result? An ambitiously eco-forward jean made from 95% recycled materials. Now in 2024, we’ve challenged ourselves to move sustainable denim innovation even further.”

“Through a call-to-action, we invited our customers to turn in their pre-loved AG denim to be broken down and reconstructed into a new AG denim fabric resulting in a collection made from 95% recycled materials, right down to the rivets.”

You can shop for this very cool – and most important – sustainable collection here.

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