Diesel – Introducing Behind the Denim

Aiming to add a dose of pizzazz to the issue of sustainability, Diesel is launching a five-part mini-documentary series, in sync with the brand’s fun and irreverent style. Called “Behind the Denim,” each episode will take a close look at the life cycle of denim from farm to factory to the customer’s closet, underscoring the brand.

So, forget sugar-coating, Diesel’s ‘Behind the Denim’ documentary-series takes a raw look at denim’s lifecycle. Can fashion be eco-conscious? This series explores Diesel’s journey towards sustainable denim, from cotton fields to your closet,  underscoring the brand’s commitment to creating lower-impact denim.

Diesel has always been synonymous with bold statements and a touch of rebellion. But their latest project takes a different kind of stance: transparency. Behind the Denim dives deep into the life cycle of everyone’s favorite wardrobe staple – denim – with a raw and honest look that’s sure to resonate with fashion afficionados who values both style and sustainability.

Forget idyllic cotton fields and pristine factories. Behind the Denim doesn’t shy away from the environmental impact denim production can have. Hosted by the ever-curious Lea Ogunlami, the series tackles issues like water consumption, chemical use, and textile waste. It’s a refreshingly unfiltered approach that breaks the mold of typical “sustainable fashion” documentaries.

Behind the Denim isn’t just about Diesel’s journey, though; it’s a conversation starter. The series features interviews with not just industry experts but also everyday people — Diesel’s core audience. These conversations explore our relationship with denim, from the initial purchase to the inevitable “What do I wear with these?” dilemma. It’s a relatable approach that makes the sustainability message personal and empowers viewers to make conscious choices about their own denim habits.

“Talking about sustainability at times can be boring,” admitted Diesel’s creative director, Glenn Martens, in an exclusive interview with the brand’s founder, Renzo Rosso, and his son, Andrea, the brand’s sustainability ambassador. But we are sure – this documentary is going to be anything but boring! Judge for yourself and watch the 1st episode in the video above.

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