Yes to summer and yes to white jeans! Like haven't we done enough dark blues and blacks during the long winter months. And enough sweats and baggy shorts during our



New Jeans – Let’s Celebrate Our “New Normal” (Women)

Voluntary lock-in is (almost) over and we are slowly edging back to our normal life again. Kind of, let's say our "new normal". Carefully, aware of not getting too close to anyone,

Lisette’s Denim Closet – My Faves and Why (Black Edition)

So here's the follow up to the blue (denim) part in my closet. Today it's all about black jeans. So many shades of black, right, and with some camo pants mixed in between.

Top Jean of The Week: Alexander Wang Cargo Jeans

So if you're having a hard time switching from sweatpants back to denim to present yourself dressed up once again to the "outside" world.

Is Walmart the New Barney’s? Shop Vintage Jordache

Confused? Like - I am sure I saw this before! Well, you're so right! The same Jordache that you ave been shopping for in good old times at luxury (and now gone forever) retailer, Barney's,

Lisette’s Denim Closet – My Faves and Why (Blue Edition)

I am sure I am speaking for most of you guys out there staying at home, working from home, or doing nothing at home. Once this pandemic is over, the last thing we will want to see is a reminder

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