Denim Overalls – We Have Actually Missed You!

summer denim

All through winter our thoughts have been upmost about keeping warm. More than being stylish and fashionably dressed, our main concern was more about layering and not so much about the looks. And denim overalls were just too bulky to be layered. But anyway, whatever it was we were wearing, it got covered up by a coat.

Switch to summer mode – everything’s now out in the open. No more cover-up for the next few months. And – oh boy – do we ever feel like doing something else besides our jeans/tee uniform. That’s when we started thinking again about those denim overalls. An actual classic that has been sometimes forgotten, sometimes top trending, and sometimes nostalgically thought of: wish you were here…

So enough talk, let’s get some facts. Denim overalls and shortalls are about to enter strong again this spring and summer season and we are very much on board. Let us also point out that – as it actually should be – overalls were never meant to be worn tight, too fitted. And with all the oversized and baggy denim trends going on these seasons. we’re definitely going there with our overalls as well.

Have a look below at our team’s top choices – all items are available to buy right now, just click on the link below each image. And, as always,

Happy (denim) shopping! 💙👖

R13 D’Arcy Overalls ($795)

MOSCHINO JEANS Wide-Leg Denim Dungarees ($270)

Polo Ralph Lauren Denim Overalls ($210) – available in medium blue and cream

Levi’s Plus Size Vintage Denim Shortalls ($79.50)

Faherty Topsail Straight-Leg Overall ($124)

Reformation River Relaxed Denim Overalls ($218) – available in vintage blue and cream

Ziggy Shortalls ($88) – also available in different washes

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