Blumarine Pre-Fall 2023 Denim Looks

The Blumarine Pre-Fall 2023 collection is a perfect mix of punk-rock-feminity. It is an ode to confident and unapologetic women.

Creative director, Nicola Brognano, is inviting you to embrace your most rebellious inner self and enhance your individuality. 

Brognano has been with the brand since 2019 and his instincts haven’t failed him. He has put Blumarine on the map, creating a certain hype and some commercial blockbusters. He wants to keep the momentum going.

One of the best items of this collection, resurrected from the Y2K-era are cargos cropped below the knee, the infamous knickerbockers that we all have happily pushed to the back of our wardrobes. But no, they’re back, and Brognano is responsible for saving them from oblivion. Proposed in délavé denim washed with a dirt effect.

Also, another sure-to-be-a-hit proposition, are the humongous flare jeans in very low rises.

Brognano revisits the world of denim, giving the fabric new meanings. From overdyed dark denim with a dirty, worn-out effect, to skintight tops and multi-pocket midi skirts, he encourages you to leave behind all you ever knew about trends. Of course, our favorite oversized cargos couldn’t be missing in our Blumarine closet and Brognano pairs them up with small, round-cut cropped bombers.

Ruching replaced embellishments as a decoration, inserted in seams on denim fitted shirts or on denim trousers worn inside-out, and extended into sort of trailing ribbons dangling from hems or from voluminous knitted draped sweaters. 

You can shop for Blumarine at SSENSE and FWRD, and an amazing sale of the current summer collection is happening RN at CETTIRE.

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