A.P.C. Pre-Spring And Spring 2024 Denim Looks

Next year’s spring and summer seasons are definitively going to be in a lighter shade of blue for many denim brands.

Take A.P.C. for instance. A brand we’ve previously associated with clean darker vintage-y wash denims, A brand that gave us no-frill, classic and, definitely, not any kind of embellished denim styles is apparently changing their concept.

Do you guys remember the term stone-washed? Way before all the destroy and destruct treatments we all got so used to seeing in the past decades. Stonewashed as far as we can remember, used to be the next step to achieve a lighter wash

So, the A.P.C. spring 2024 denim collection is based on above mentioned stonewashed light blues. Very clean, not ripped or destroyed, but featuring a few extra details like frayed hems and waistbands. And that’s for both – the women’s as well as the men’s collection.

And its not only about going light blue, but also about including the top trending oversized and baggy style in their newest collection. The core of the A.P.C. denim collection [previously has been based on skinny and straight-leg styles, maybe a slightly baggy boyfriend.

But for both, the guys and the ladies, A.P.C. did also include a capsule of their trademark dark vintage-like denim washes

You can shop for the current A.P.C. fall and winter 2023 collection on their website, at MATCHES, and at SSENSE.

And find out all about the A.P.C. spring 2024 ad campaign in our next feature.

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