A.P.C. Pre-Spring/Spring 2024 “The Idea Behind”

Yesterday we featured the A.P.C. pre-spring and spring 2024 denim looks – you can check them out here.

And we thought you’d also like to know what the idea behind this collection was – scroll down to find out what creative director and founder of A.P.C., Jean Touitou,. tells us 🙂

“Back to our musical roots for the Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection, we were inspired by Debbie Harry, singer of the group Blondie.”
To describe her distinctive allure, Touitou explains: “When I see photos of Debbie Harry, I always wonder: how can she be so
desirable without ever being objectified? In other words, how is it possible to take sartorial provocation so far without an ounce of
vulgarity? Maybe it’s an innate taste for perfect proportions and the ability to be someone else. And, as if all that weren’t enough,
she made incredible music, propelled by a wonderfully ambivalent voice.”

For Men, the Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection pays tribute to the very characteristic way that Lou Reed dressed in the 1970s.
“Everyone has copied, is copying or will copy Lou Reed’s clothing style. Designing clothing inspired by him is mainly about trying to rub shoulders with beauty – like he did – with very little means: just two chords (D/G) and strikingly simple words to describe a world of shattered souls,” explains Touitou.

You can already shop right now for the pre-spring 2024 men’s and women’s collection the the brand’s website.

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