Linen Denim – What Exactly Is This About?

linen denim fabric

Linen denim – did you also stop and think about what exactly this expression implies? I mean, yes, we know linen clothing. And we definitely know about denim fabrics. We’ve heard about cashmere denim – a super soft and very comfortable fabric, and raw denim, selvedge denim… But linen denim is relatively new.

Well, it’s almost summer now, the time for lighter weight clothing in general. And we’ve come across the mention of linen denim quite a lot lately. So here’s what you need to know:

Linen denim is a fabric that combines the look of denim with the drape of linen. Linen denim can be used to make a variety of clothing items, including jeans, chore coats, and smart jackets. Some say that linen denim offers a new denim experience, with a flowing drape that’s airy and breathable. Linen is a natural textile made from flax plant fibers, and it has a smooth but rough texture. It’s also stronger than cotton, feels cool to the touch, and softens over time. Linen’s breathability and ability to wick moisture away from the skin can make it a comfortable choice for hot weather.

And there is also the important issue of environmental friendly. Linen is a more sustainable and eco-friendly fiber compared to cotton, as it requires fewer resources to grow and process. This makes linen denim a more environmentally conscious choice.

Canadian denim brand, Naked & Famous, has had linen denim in their collections since 2022. “Raw linen is known for its beautiful slubby texture that never feels too processed or too refined. But it’s only when you wear linen that you really start to appreciate what the flax fibers have to offer, especially during summer months. Linen is stronger than cotton, breathes better, feels cool to the touch, softens over time, and its divisive wrinkles are just souvenirs of your journey wearing the fabric.” states the brand.

Below you can find some samples of what denim linen looks like.

Giorgio Armani Denim Collection Two-pleat trousers in denim-effect linen

Artknit-Studios The Linen Cotton Jacket

Todd Shelton Linen Denim Jeans

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