More Spring/Summer 2024 Denim Looks

Spring time – best “excuse” to go shopping for your new wardrobe, and especially new denim! After long dark winter months, we certainly deserve some uplifting again, right:-)

And as it always helps to know what’s going to be trending in the following seasons, we are always keeping you updated about the latest in denim fashion. Makes shopping so much easier!

In this feature we wanted to take the opportunity to present you some brands generally not associated with denim. Or up-coming but still less well known brands. Scroll down and we bet you’re going to be in for some surprises!

Baum Und Pferdgarten

Two-tone denim, lace-up denim corsets and bermudas, low-rise jeans.

Shop here and here.


Embroidered and embellished denim, juxta position of mini denim shorts with oversized tops,

Shop here


Micro bootcut low rise and extreme destructed loose fit jeans

Shop here and here

Stine Goya

Bleached denim with delicate, almost invisible, prints

Shop here and here.

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