NOK NOK Fall/Winter 2024 Lookbook


Nok Nok released its fall/winter 2024 collection, named “never Ending Sin”, inspired by the dark and turbulent times we are going through,… the energy crisis, war in Gaza and war in Ukraine is setting the tone for a kind of grey and uneasy mood.

Blending tones of greys & blacks with touches of neon logos and texts. Applying tie dye effects on denim sets with transparent coatings, t-shirts and sweaters with radical messages like ‘Freedom To Party All Night’, ‘Freedom Lover’, ‘Future’, ‘Lost’, among many others.

Some of he denim and canvas fabrics have been washed sustainably in Italy, using multiple washing techniques like stone wash, laser destroy, vintage tinting, and transparent coatings.

The styles are about oversized with cropped body fits transmitting an edgy relaxed look.

About NOK NOK:

Ibizia born, Angel Nokonoko started his career training at Christian Dior and John Galliano, before embarking on his own
project inspired by his Ibiza upbringing, passion for dance, music, and the London subcultures.

The blending of music with fashion sees 70’s nostalgia directly injected into the unapologetic vintage punk pieces, designed to become the timeless heroes in your wardrobe, age- and genderless.

“Nok Nok is all about being a free spirit. As in Ibiza, I want the people who wear our clothes to feel f**king cool! Like a rock star performing onstage, transmitting good vibes to their audience”.

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