Triarchy x Renoon – All About Transparency

Because at this time and age there is nothing more important than building up consciousness about the importance of keeping our planet clean. If we don’t have a planet where we can live and breathe on, what else is there? Absolutely nothing.

This is why we @denimology always love to feature anything new that comes up with sustainability. Like this amazing collaboration of Los Angeles based sustainable denim brand, Triarchy, and Renoon, a site that is about transparency and sustainability.

62% of Millennials & Gen-Z are looking to incorporate sustainability into their purchases (Shopify 2022), however, 74% of them think there isn’t enough information from brands to make those informed decisions (Google, 2022). 

In the new 2023 Greenpeace report the traceability on product label/e-commerce has the worst score. As greenwashing becomes a major problem for the industry & consumers, they mistrust whether sustainability claims are actually true. A big gap in transparency is clear. Product descriptions remain dry and opaque for most brands. Transparency is now becoming key in fighting this.

Triarchy has partnered with Renoon, an Amsterdam & Milan-based software company, to generate impact labels in the e-commerce product pages and physical labels through QR codes. 

“Working with Renoon to expose our accountability is what allows us to be a responsible denim brand. Without practices like the ones Renoon puts into place, it would all just be language. This stops greenwashing dead in its tracks.”  

– Adam, founder of Triarchy

Triarchy launches the transparency widget in collaboration with Renoon to provide customers with a deeper understanding of the practices we employ in our manufacturing process. It will display information about the journey of our products, including details on our supply chain and values. This feature will help customers make informed decisions about their purchases and understand what is behind a product, beyond color and price.

In addition, the QR codes on our denim items will give customers access to even more information about our practices. By scanning the codes with their smartphones, customers will be able to see the details of the manufacturing process and learn more about how their denim was made. This feature is especially important for customers who value sustainability and want to know more about the products they purchase.

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