What To Expect – New Men’s Denim Looks S/S 2025

what to expect

When shopping for new jeans, it is always useful to know what to expect for the coming seasons. What kind of styles are going to be trending. And what denim fit is going to be hot next year still. Giving us a good reason to invest in that kind of style.

And if you consider yourself a fashionista, you probably don’t want to be seen in last year’s trends lol! Yeah, so the classic styles of course are always a good option.

But if you want to be on top of it, that’s where your Denimology team comes in. We’ve watched tons of runway shows and previews during the Milano menswear fashion week.

One thing we can say for sure – and this goes for the men’s as well as for the women’s. No skinny jeans in orbit. Everything, not only denim, is about over- and uber-sized. Extreme long in leg inseams as well as extra long sleeves on any jacket. And this goes for denim, as well as for non denim.

As for the waist, we have seen high and low waisted jeans and pants in general. Which is good. You should be able to wear any kind of waist just depending on your own preference.

Denim washes continue in all shades of blue, ranging from bleached washed out to dark indigo raw denim.

Scroll down and have a look at what to expect next spring from Sacai, WOOYOUNGME, Lazoschmidl.

Oh and hello ladies, women’s designers coming up ASAP – stay tuned:-)


Oversized selvedge jeans with flared doubled-up cuffs


WOOYOUNGMI is a fashion brand founded in 2002 by South Korean designer, Youngmi Woo. Blending Korean influences with contemporary aesthetics, the brand has made a significant impact on both the Korean and global fashion scenes.


Swedish brand, Lazoschmidl, has always been at the forefront of sexual liberation in fashion. Think binary, genderless, unisex.

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