Bangladesh Denim Expo – Embracing the Future!

Bangladesh Denim Expo is an international platform promoting the Bangladeshi denim industry towards Reimagine.

The two-day, Bangladesh Denim Expo, which took place May 6th and 7th, 2024, was organized by the Bangladesh Apparel Exchange in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over 60 exhibitors from 11 countries showcased their latest denim products, fabrics, accessories, chemicals, technologies, and much more.

During the two days of the show, The Denim Expo also featured four panel discussions, two trend seminars and a special Closing ceremony – read more about this event below:

Chief Guest:

H.E. Jahangir Kabir Nanak, Honorable Minister for Textiles & Jute, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh,

Special Guests:

1. H.E. Ms. Irma van Dueren, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangladesh

2. Mr. Siddiqur Rahman, former President of BGMEA

3. Mr. S.M. Mannan (Kochi), President of BGMEA

4. Mr.Abdullah Hil Rakib, Vice President, BGMEA & Managing Director, Team Group

5. Mr. Ziaur Rahman, Regional Head, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ethiopia, H&M

6. MD.Mohiuddin Rubel, Additional Managing Director, Denim Expert Ltd. & Director, BGMEA

H.E. Jahangir Kabir Nanak sent a message: “As a safe and compliant sourcing hub, I invite buyers to choose Bangladesh and pay a fair price. The apparel industry is a crucial force for Bangladesh’s progress economically. I am confident that with the influence of the RMG industry, Bangladesh will significantly progress into a developed country very soon.”

H.E. Ms. Irma van Dueren: “Bangladesh has made impressive progress in economic development indicators. The RMG sector has been crucial to this progress. In the coming years, our focus on the sector will be focusing more and more on sustainability and circular practices everywhere.”

Mr. Siddiqur Rahman: “The infrastructural improvement that we see now is clearly spectacular. And I’m proud to say that much of it is contributed by the garments sector. I am confident that with the support of the government, the RMG industry can flourish even further.”

Mr. S.M. Mannan (Kochi): “We are now incorporating automation and becoming ready to acquire greater market share globally. We are making constant efforts in business sustainability, and we are optimistic that we can add even greater value in the coming years.”

Mr.Abdullah Hil Rakib: “Bangladesh Denim Expo has always been understanding of the product and materials and needs of the industry. Together with inter-ministerial cooperation we can achieve sustainable progress in the industry.”

Mr. Ziaur Rahman: “Circularity is one of the areas where we really need to work. It’s an untapped opportunity. Transparency is your next biggest best friend. If we want to lead this industry we need to focus on efficiency improvement, waste management, innovation and sustainability.”

Mr. Mohiuddin Rubel was also present the closing ceremony of the Bangladesh Denim Expo.

Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) stated: “The RMG Industry of Bangladesh continues to be a driving force behind the country’s economic growth and Bangladesh Denim Expo is on a mission to expand and evolve in the industry growth.”

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