Cotte D’Armes 2024 Capsule Denim Collection

Cotte D’Armes does not believe in seasonal denim collections, but rather focuses on the release of special denims all during the year. Neither based on a specific season nor on any gender, Clarence Ruth, creative director of the brand, tells us:

“Exclusive limited edition drops of Cotte D’Armes 2024 unisex denim collection, titled ‘Not A Denim Brand’ will be released randomly throughout the year.”

“Cotte D’Armes is pleased to present Denim 2024, a capsule collection reintroducing iconic silhouettes through a new stylistic lens.

When unconventional meets classic, a movement of curiosity is created. The idea is to showcase textured and durable fabrication that is surprisingly anything but denim!”

Three washes constitute the 2024 collection: Light wash, dark wash, and black. Each wash starts with a base layer and discreetly builds upon the previous. Each piece is entirely unisex to be both masculine and feminine forward.

Gloves and helmets are a nod to biker culture, while boots and accessories are influenced by western cowboys,

The presence of both heritages tells the story of unconventional thinking. Embrace the uniqueness of styling while redefining rules for dressing.

Cotte D’Armes is consistently reimagining denim fabrication. This is why Ruth confirms: “We are anything but denim”.

We’d like to point out some very special Cotte D’Armes traits – the unexpected multi-use of some of their items. For instance – see below the two different ways you can wear the same denim jacket:

And how about a coat that turns into a jacket:

Cotte D’Armes is available exclusively on their website where you can also sign up to receive updates about collection drops.

Cotte D’Armes clothing is available

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