Denim Skirts For Men – Definitely On Our Radar!

As promised in our lookbook feature about Junya Watanabe’s fall.winter 2024 collection yesterday, we’re now diving into this skirts-for-men yes/no/maybe trend. Let’s face it, we’ve been building up to this moment for years. 

Remember Marc Jacobs back in 2008/2009, whoa that was like what? So long ago already? And then again a couple of years ago, to be precise, in 2021 … well, he certainly made his fashion statement.

Or what about that famous Vogue cover back in December 2020, featuring Harry Styles in a frilly dress..

So if you are a believer in genderless, unisex, androgynous – then now is your chance to show the world your inner (or maybe even outer) side! The era of men’s mini, midi, and maxi skirts has arrived.

So how are we going to go about this now? Remember, we women have been wearing men’s jeans since forever. And even more so these past seasons when vintage and loose fit jeans have become a must-do? Therefore you guys might as well go for women’s skirts as long as they have the right size for you, Or you can check out below some “masculine skirt” suggestions from our team. And hello, ladies, you’re welcome too, of course!

Martine Rose Detachable Denim Skirt ($482) – This one is perfect for you if you can’t decide if you want to go mini or maxi!

Rick Owens Destroyed Slivered Denim Skirt ($1,125)

Marine Serre Printed Denim Skirt ($326) – If you’re into layering

Dries Van Noten Polly Denim Skirt ($283)

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