Extreme High-Waisted Jeans For Guys – Really?

Yep – at least, based on many denim previews we’ve assisted in the past months. Now, the question is not – are hi-rise jeans for him a thing, The real question is, are you going to extremes to jump on that wagon?

And while we’re at it – have you guys considered what we women think about this? But then again, we’ve also never concerned ourselves too much if , for example, our guys loved us in those oversized and baggy totally un-sexy jeans… I guess it’s ok for us to say quid pro quo.

At any rate, if you think you won’t feel comfortable going extreme, there is always the option of doing the high-waist trend in a “medium” way. Skip the extreme and instead opt for a moderate higher waisted pair of jeans.

And, as always, our team got you covered. Below you can find out team’s choice of their favorite six pairs of high waisted jeans available to purchase right now.

Rick Owens High-Rise Bootcut Jeans ($1,210)

Ksubi Distressed High-Waist Jeans ($232)

A.P.C. Martin Straight Leg High Waist Jeans ($178)

LOEWE Wide-Leg Jeans ($990)

Juun.J Straight-Leg Jeans ($502)

Saint Laurent 70’s High Waisted Jeans ($890)

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