G-Star RAW x Drag, Drama, Denim Collaboration

In the latest audacious move, G-Star RAW unveiled ‘Denim Drags,’ a partnership with ‘The Nightmare Disorder’ that redefines the elements of denim. This daring collaboration brings together the precise craftsmanship of G-Star and the theatrically inventive genius of The Nightmare Disorder, crafting bespoke masterpieces for drag royalty including Shea Couleé, Envy Peru, and Hungry.

“We explore a new territory. Where the art of denim meets the art of drag. The scene filled with bravery, extravagance, and experimentation. From playing around with stylistic elements, to discovering a completely new persona within self. Embracing limitless self-expression. Together with costume design studio The Nightmare Disorder, we embrace the dramatics of drag and push denim to new extremes.”

At the core of ‘Denim Drags,’ The Nightmare Disorder, led by the creative duo Benji Nijenhuis and Nemo Cheminée, marries high fashion with the exuberant world of drag. Each costume is meticulously constructed from denim, showcasing the fabric’s universal appeal and its inherent ability to make a rebellious statement.

For Shea Couleé, the ‘Trophy Gown’ draws inspiration from the grandeur of early 2000s Paris couture, incorporating sculptural, voluminous forms with iconic G-Star elements like the Elwood knee pad reimagined as regal leg wraps.

Envy Peru’s ‘Disco Dreamer’ channels the vibrant spirit of the ’70s disco era. This dazzling ensemble features over 2,000 metal rings and a magnificent titanium crown adorned with laser-printed denim feathers, commanding attention with every shimmering detail.

Hungry’s ‘Anatomical Distortion’ outfit captures the essence of bustling urban landscapes, with a design that symbolically merges multiple forms into a singular, striking garment based on the everyday denim jacket and capri jeans transformed into a work of art.

But if drag queen and couture denim isn’t really your thing, you can shop for “regular” G-Star RAW clothing at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and at YOOX.

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