Ksubi x Patty Mills – We💙Denim x Sports Collabs


Ksubi and NBA champion and Olympic medalist, Patrick ‘Patty’ Mills, have teamed up. And the results are an interesting mix capsule of denim and sports. Here you go if you’re looking for streetwear inspo!

Patty’s journey mirrors Ksubi’s own path,. Both emerging from Australia’s domestic leagues and achieving global recognition. His accomplishments on the court, including being an NBA Champion and Olympic medalist, reflect his meticulous commitment and unique style.

Ksubi’s CEO, Craig King, tells us: “At the very top of our list of Australians to collaborate with was Patty Mills. We caught up in the Ksubi New York store last July and got talking about his journey. Starting in the suburbs of Canberra to becoming an NBA champion and five-time Olympian. The story arc of humble beginnings down under to making a splash internationally felt familiar. And with Patty’s love of fashion and music the synergies were too many to ignore.”

The 12-piece collection, featuring both menswear and womenswear, blends authentic workwear with contemporary fashion. Highlighting Patty’s mantra “Be Where Your Feet Are,” the collection embodies Ksubi and Mills’ shared philosophy of staying present and determined while carving your own path. Patty’s collection fuses heritage with modernity, weaving stories of past and present generations.

Like, for instance – a matching denim jacket and jeans with Ksubi’s signature distressing and repair detailing. A nod to the durable denim uniforms worn by his ancestors, who worked as pearl divers.

The capsule also includes four womenswear pieces. They are dedicated to some of the most inspirational people in Patty’s life: his wife, Alyssa, his mum, and iconic Olympian Cathy Freeman. Denim pieces include the Low Rider Cargo jeans and denim skirt, alongside two tanks available in khaki and ash colorways, adding a feminine touch to the workwear aesthetic.

You can shop for this capsule collection on the Ksubi website.

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