Mihara Yasuhiro Fall/Winter 2024 – All About Extreme Oversized

bomber jackets

Mihara Yasuhiro’s winter 2024 collection titled “Wobbler Part Four” continues the “Big Silhouette” series the designer introduced for spring 2024. It was steeped in nostalgia, and boosted by a squad of “Paris” cheerleaders who resurged variously in a revisited MA1 military blouson, a cape-like khaki and orange coat inspired by jackets, or bombers deliberately blown up, processed and faux-aged to look like vintage.

Yasuhiro has become a legend on his own terms, growing his design philosophy through disheveled clothing in larger-than-life proportions. Yasuhiro took a time machine to his childhood for this fall/winter 2024, awakening his inner child through playful creations that balance imagination and reality.

As you all probably know, we @denimology are all about oversized. But be as it might, we’re not getting the meaning of those uber long sleeve lengths. Like – translating those into real life, I can’t imagine how to swipe my metro card, or fishing for my ringing phone without being hindered by those sleeves!

This collection is a true inspiration for those of you out there who crave “real” oversized. Especially when it comes to jackets. Have a look at the gallery below and watch the whole fashion show in the video we posted at the end of our feature.

These items won’t be available until later this year, but you can shop for the current Mihara Yasuhiro collection here and here.

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