RE/DONE & Pamela Anderson Collaboration

Pamela Anderson and RE/DONE teamed up to tribute some of the iconic supermodel’s most memorable looks, resulting in a 25-piece collaboration. Launching as a sustainable partnership, the capsule collection takes cues from Anderson’s passion for the planet and focuses on eco-conscious denim and apparel.

The campaign for the collection was shot entirely by a team of women and pays homage to some of Anderson’s most beloved looks over the years. 

In line with her passion for the planet, RE/DONE & Pam was designed using green practices. Every product utilizes eco-conscious methods, including low impact washes, recycled fabrics, California-grown regenerative cotton, apple-skin leather, and untreated organic cotton.

RE/DONE’s environmentally responsible approach was important to Anderson, who, being an avid gardener herself with a passion for all living things, has long advocated for sustainability.

The capsule collection is created based on Anderson’s memories – clothes, denims, she wore on her off days running to the grocery store and caring for her then-small children. For Anderson, it was one of the happiest times of her life. “I really felt invincible,” she says. “I’ve been happy obviously along my life, but those were the golden years for me. Just in love, in love with my kids, and so happy being who I was.”

You can shop for this collection on the RE/DONE website.

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