Artistic Milliners and SFI Debut New Wash Innovations

Artistic Milliners, the vertical denim mill and manufacturing powerhouse, and Star Fades International, the denim laundry and nearshoring sourcing center, are expanding its development capabilities in the Western Hemisphere, with SFI’s L.A. facility positioned as a full-package development hub with production partners in the U.S. and Mexico.

To meet the needs of customers looking for sustainable solutions, AM and SFI are rolling out several new wash innovations that take sourcing to the next level by reducing or eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, water and energy while still producing the aesthetic look of authentic and boundary-pushing denim and knits.

The five industry-leading wash concepts — Flash Fade, Brilliant Fade, HydroSave, HydroCool and Next Gen Dyes — have been engineered to be used on their own or in combination and take advantage of both companies’ state-of-the art finishing machinery including lasers, e-flow technology and foam dyeing. These new wash concepts can be used to create an infinite array of finishes, including recreating classic stone washes without pumice, PP or bleach. The concepts can also be used to create wholly new looks in an endless range of colors, shades and design.

  • Flash Fade is a water-free abrasion booster that is a true alternative to pumice stones that saves time, water and energy while lightening, abrading and enhancing denim highs and lows. A great solution for medium shades, Flash Fade can be combined with other processes, like Brilliant Fade ozone booster, to reduce process time.
  • Brilliant Fade is an energy- and water-efficient ozone booster that can create authentic vintage washes without potassium permanganate and uses a GOTS- and OEKO-TEX-certified and ZDHC level 3-compliant chemical to reduce the impact on the environment and workers.
  • HydroSave With Foam finishing uses a foam machine to achieve a wide range of finishes with water savings of up to 81 percent. Additionally, dyeing is done at room temperature yielding a substantial energy savings.
  • HydroCool Dyes, a pre-cationization product that is ZDHC level 3 and Bluesign certified, saves water and energy and eliminates salt. The dye process uses room temperature water resulting in stunning shades and significant energy savings.
  • Next Gen Dyes use a patented process that extracts pigment powder from recycled garments and manufacturing waste. These 100 percent recycled pigment dyes can be used on cotton, wool, nylon or any natural fiber blend. Brands can create a custom color palette with a powerful sustainable story to share with customers.

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