Diesel Fall/Winter 2024/25 Runway Show

At Milan Fall/Winter 2024 Fashion Week, Diesel/s Glenn Martin turned on the webcam during his fashion show. Thus being the first to open a runway show to the public.

By turning on a webcam, he shared his world with one and all. In Peter Weir’s 1998 film, ‘The Truman Show’, Truman Burbank discovers that the first thirty years of his life were nothing but a deception. He was being spied on and watched to entertain others. He discovers that he has been living a reality that is not truly his own, and that his private life belongs to everyone. If this show were to be a movie, it would be titled ‘The Truman Show,’ directed by Glenn Martens, produced by Renzo Rosso. It had the same approach but a different goal. The words of the creative director explain it all, “Diesel is a fashion democracy, so it is natural for us to reveal what is usually kept hidden.”

And there’s more:

Cameras offered a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations for the Diesel show. The invitation contained a QR code allowing free access to behind-the-scenes look, to see everything that happens before a runway show: from workshops where the final cuts and stitches are made, to casting, fittings, rehearsals, and the planning of the show’s guests, to the construction of the runway, press relations management, hair and makeup rehearsals, and much more. This was made possible via a 72-hour live stream from five fixed cameras.

Really, how cool is that – we felt it was like seeing a movie in 3D – you’re right in the middle of all 💙!

Let’s get first over this winter now and shop for Diesel’s current collection – anyway the fall/winter 2024/25 won’t be available for months, yet. You can “refresh” your memory about the spring/summer 2024 collection here. And stay tuned for the best denim looks from this season which we will be featuring here ASAP.

Watch the fall/winter 24/25 runway show in our video below.

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