DL1961 Fall/Winter 2023 Men’s Lookbook

TheDL1961 men’s fall/winter 2023 collection expands the brand’s tried-and-true bestsellers like the NickSlim and Russell Slim Straight, both offered in a variety of fabrics and washes for maximum versatility, wearability, and all-day comfort.

Additionally, the collection expands on more trendy styles like the Glen Wide Leg and Kurt Loose Straight, both inspired by the trends of decades past and the street style of the present. As always, the men’s collection capitalizes on years of craftsmanship and dedication to fit and function.

Sarah Ahmed, CEO and Co-Founder of DL1961, comments “At DL1961 we continuously study the market’s fashion trends and try to anticipate our consumer’s wants and needs before they’re even aware of what’s missing in their closet. We understand what makes our garments move with the body, how the fabrics stimulate our senses and how best we can incorporate these pieces into our existing wardrobes. Making them staples that are flexible and fashionable at the same time.”

“DL1961 is all about making you feel your best self in your body and finding pieces that truly fit your own lifestyle and narrative without costing you your identity, style and without harming our beloved environment,” she adds.

Committed to protecting the environment and those involved in the manufacturing process, DL1961 has invested significantly in sustainable technologies like ozone and laser treatments. These advancements allow the brand to achieve the distinctive vintage and dynamic washes without compromising the planet’s well-being or the welfare of its workers.

DL1961 also sources the finest quality materials, whilst all production takes place in the brand’s vertically integrated factory, ensuring a closely monitored product process from fiber to finished garment.

You can shop for the men’s fa;;/winter 2023 collection on the DL1961 website, at Neiman Marcus, and at Shopbop.

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