Is Pink The New Black – Well, Almost!

Shopping time for us – we’re always on the hunt for newness to share with our readers. And here’s our latest “fashionable” observation. Pink, here we come!

So much so that we are officially declaring pink as the summer must-do color! Yes, you can say, well, we’ve known for months that pink is going to be a thing. But let us once again point out that for us, what really counts as a fashion trend is what we actually see out there on the the streets, in “real” life. Not only what we see in in the previews and fashion shows.

Everywhere we’ve looked we’ve noted pink. In all shades. Ranging from the cutest soft baby pink to the most attention calling bright neon pink.

And not to mention all the Barbie collaborations out there, like Barbie x Forever 21, Barbie x GAP, and Barbie x MUMU, just to mention a few.

An of course, as to be expected, the pink moment has also arrived at the denim part of fashion!

Find some of the coolest pink jeans options available right now in our roundup below:-)

BLANKNYC Watermelon Juice Jeans ($88)

DL1961 Mara Mid-Rise Straight Instasculpt Jeans ($199)

Mira Mikati Resin Wash Jeans (on sale $392)

Brunello Cucinelli Relaxed Straight-Leg Jeans ($1,595)

R13 Pleated Wide-Leg JEANS (on sale $295)

RE/DONE Loose Long Rigid Jeans ($315)

Free People Penny Pull-On Flare Jeans ($78)

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