Stella McCartney Fall 2024 Denim Looks

Stella McCartney can really be considered one of the fiercest defenders of sustainability. Ever since we have become aware of her in the fashion world – (remember her collaboration with Adidas) – she has been all about being environmentally friendly. Fiercely and dedicated.

So it is no surprise that her fall 2024 fashion show began with a video message from Mother Earth, a manifesto read by actress Olivia Colman:

“You have called me many names / And you know my face / You see me in the trees / The birds / The waves / You all came from me / In harmony / So why are you harming me? / We are always together / And despite your attempts at emancipation / You cannot cut the umbilical cord that connects the entire planet / Sorry, baby / I am the only mother where it is natural for her to outlive her children / But what will be left of me / After you? / I still love you / Do you still love me? / I need you to show it / Show me you love me / It’s about fucking time / It’s about fucking time / It’s about fucking time.”

Below you can see some of Stella McCartney’s denim looks from the fall 2024 collection:

Meantime, until this collection hits the stores probably by late July. August, you can shop for current Stella McCartney clothing here, here, and here.

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