The Attico x AI Muse, Mirella, Ad Campaign

There is no denying it and no pretending it doesn’t exist – AI’s are really a thing and for quite some time also invading (is that the right expression even) the fashion world.

The latest proof is about The Attico, brainchild of Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini: women talking to women.

The Attico: the brand just presented us with their AI muse, Mirella. This revolutionary concept combines the appeal of iconic fashion figures with the precision of artificial intelligence, creating a muse that embodies the spirit of timeless elegance. Mirella, dressed in The Attico’s iconic Fern cargo pants, is not just a digital creation; she is a narrative crafted with meticulous detail. This AI muse brings to life the essence of legendary divas, capturing the sophistication and style that define the brand.

Mirella, the epitome of a Milanese homemaker, is depicted in a setting that is quintessentially Milanese. With a carefully curated grocery list in hand, she contemplates the flurry of tasks that await her throughout the day. This scenario is not just a display of fashion but an intimate glimpse into the daily life of a Milanese woman, blending traditional roles with contemporary fashion. The Fern pants serve as a statement piece, symbolizing the blend of functionality and high fashion that The Attico is renowned for.

You can shop for The Attico clothing at Neiman Marcus, NET-A-PORTER, and at SSENSE.

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