7 For All Mankind – Confirming The Western Trend

If you have read our trend reports over the past few months, then you definitely know that Western style is a huge thing this season. A trend that has actually been building up for the past couple of seasons. And this spring 7 For All Mankind jumped on the wagon as well, and in true Western style!

7 For All Mankind partnered with model, horse trainer and equestrian stunt performer, Mia Rae, for a new campaign that spotlights the brand’s interpretation of Western styles.

Called “A Dojo Love Story,” the campaign features 7 For All Mankind’s Bootcut and Dojo jeans, the brand’s trouser jean with a wide leg and subtle flare and original 7 embroidery on the back pockets.

The campaign expands on the Western aesthetic featured in the brand’s spring 2024 looks.

In the campaign, Rae rides horses and works on a ranch dressed in the jeans as well as 7 For All Mankind’s studded Trucker jacket, denim shirt and men’s suede Western jacket.

Rae grew up on a ranch in Arizona and has been around horses her entire life. The campaign is an example of how 7 For All Mankind says it is “dedicated to our built-in core audience of horse-riding denim-lovers that have been with us since day one.”

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