We Need To Talk About Skinny Jeans – Again

skinny jeans

Yes, we definitely do need to talk about skinny jeans. After all, this subject has probably been one of the biggest fashion controversies these past seasons. An ongoing yes do/no do within the fashion world. Leaving many of us pretty insecure – should we or should we not? That’s besides the fact that we strongly believe you should always follow your own fashion instincts. But having guidelines certainly helps, right!

While the fashion world sees fluctuating trends, skinny jeans maintain a consistent presence. Despite the rise of wide-leg and baggy styles, skinny jeans continue to be a go-to choice for many due to their versatility and classic appeal.

So, are skinny jeans really dead, passee, over? Well, we don’t think so. After much researching from our team. And even taking my personal preference for anything oversized into consideration – here’s the verdict.

Skinny jeans might not been on the top trending list right now. But they are definitely present. Like totally present. For our most important events. Work, go-to, and, especially, dating. Or would you really consider going on a first date in a pair of uber-oversized jeans?!

This said, let’s then agree that ok, so skinny jeans are not the top trend right now. But – without a shred of doubt – they are a continuous presence in our life. Let’s not forget to mention the fact that skinny jeans always will make us feel more body conscious, sexy, especially when paired with heels and a fitted top.

Or, also quite important, would you go to a job interview in baggy jeans? Of course, we’re not thinking about fashion jobs – that’s different. But rather “regular” office jobs. You will always look great in a pair of skinny jeans combined with a button-down shirt and a blazer.

And after having read all above mentioned, don’t you feel like you have to renew your “skinny stock” right now?!

We did the work for you and below you can find our six top choices for skinny jeans available right now. We’re also giving you the option of “not too skinny” and non-stretch skinny. Find your new denim love right now and here – let us know 🙂

FRAME Le High Straight Metallic Jeans (on sale $168)

Mott & Bow Mid-Rise Skinny Bond Jeans ($139), also available in high-rise

DL1961 Chrissy Ultra High-Rise Instasculpt Ankle Jeans ($179)

Good American Good Waist Skinny Jeans ($149), – size inclusive 00 – 32 Plus, also available in a darker wash (!59)

If you’re still not convinced and shrink from going too skinny, there is always the option of a classic vintage style. Neither too skinny nor too straight or baggy, Madewell got it just right:

Madewell The perfect Vintage Jeans ($75-$128) – available in many washes with inseams in petite, standard, tall and taller

And for those of you denim heads out there who won’t even think about doing stretch jeans, we got you covered, too.

AGOLDE Mid-Rise Slim Tapered Jeans ($228), also available in black and in a light blue wash

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