AG – The Jeans Of Tomorrow

The future of denim sustainability is more than recycling – it’s reincarnation.

this week its third “Jeans of Tomorrow” collection, a line that explores the creative potential of post-consumer fibers.  

Two fabrics are at the core of the collection. Unify, a soft taupe twill, is made with recycled cotton and features colorful slubs from post-consumer textiles. The Revive twill indigo fabric is made with 60 percent recycled denim and 40 percent virgin cotton to improve durability and quality. Its light shade of blue with a subtle speckled character is derived from the recycled content. 

No new dyes were added to the fabrics, allowing AG to reduce its use of water and chemicals compared to traditional denim. 

AG Jean’s circular denim initiative is the latest exploration of The Jean of Tomorrow™.  A focus on longevity, rejuvenation, and eco-minded resourcefulness pushes our innovation forward. This new chapter extends the life cycle of garments already in circulation, keeping them out of landfills by allowing them to take on different forms. We’ve partnered with an expert denim mill specialized in recycling to ensure that our recycled products are broken down in the most efficient and eco-minded way, helping us turn post-consumer denim into new AG by weaving new fabrics from the processed materials and closing the loop. 

This AG capsule focuses on Circular Denim, the latest initiative of The Jean of Tomorrow™. This chapter takes recycled denim to the next level, breathing new life into post-consumer materials to keep them in circulation and out of landfills. The pieces from this collection are crafted from denim that’s been broken down in the most efficient and eco-minded process, with the post-consumer fibers reborn as new AG fabrics.

The 2023 collection features a curated assortment of our most popular men’s and women’s fits: the Tellis modern slim, the Wells Carpenter relaxed tapered jean, and the Alexxis Straight. These best-selling jeans pair up with the Roari Jacket, a new workwear-inspired chore coat, and the Alanna Jacket, a collarless take on the classic trucker jacket. Done in light shades of taupe and indigo with a flecked slub appearance, the styles hint at their past lives while helping to create a more sustainable future.

Check out all the cool pieces from this collection here.

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