And Here Goes Adriano Again! A Newđź‘–Collab Coming Soon!

Finally, after a long period of absence because of COVID and after effects, denim icon, Adriano Goldschmied, is back and it’s good! Not to mention, sustainable and environmentally conscious, as we have come to expect from denim guru Adriano:-)

Italian retail chain, OVS, has entered a long-term partnership with denim veteran, Adriano Goldschmied. The partnership is all about advancing the denim product category with forward-looking fashion and sustainability credentials. The collaboration will officially kick off with the fall 2023 season,. This collaboration comes with an Italian exclusive, secured by OVS, on the use of Turkish supplier, Crescent Bahümán’s Blue Infinity, a new-gen dyeing compound replacing indigo and allowing a 62 percent reduction in water consumption, as well as a significant cutback on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Both, OVS and Goldschmied, highlighted that the project is not just a capsule collection.

As part of the long-term agreement, Goldschmied consults on the whole denimwear category for OVS, pushing the sustainability agenda forward – as in the use of Blue Infinity – but also making sure standard practices have green cred.

“Together with Adriano Goldschmied, we want to further increase the quality of our denim. Goldschmied, who has revolutionized techniques and styles in the world of denim, enriches OVS with his experience and brings his culture to the company. With him, we will reach more evolved peaks of experimentation, not only in terms of fashion content but above all in terms of sustainability,” OVS’s CEO, Stefano Beraldo, explains.

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