Denim Trends 2024 – Not Sensational, But…

Yep, unfortunately we have to tell you that as for right now we’re not seeing any exceptional denim trends for the coming months.

But then again, why always look for newness. Why not enjoy what’s out there already and take advantage of the “calmness” and give ourselves a chance to explore and discover.

What we mean by that is easy: this is a good time to give yourself the opportunity to find out what kind of denim style available right now is the best fit for your body.

Because from our own experience we can say that when there is too much newness out there, we’re always too busy chasing after those. Instead of taking a moment or two to reflex on what is best for us, what fit enhances our body shape.

The four main denim trends – for the next few months at least – are as follow: and before you scroll down, note that the baggy and oversized denim styles are definitely top of the list, closely followed by the – having their moment again – low-rise jeans.

Raey Fold Dad Baggy Boyfriend Jeans ($255) – available in five different colors

AGOLDE Low Slung Baggy Jeans ($208)

MOUSSY VINTAGE Joelton Straight Low-Rise Jeans ($325)

Bottega Veneta Low-Rise Flared Jeans ($950)

GAP ’90s Loose Cargo Jeans ($71) – size inclusive 24-35

Dr. Denim Donna Multi Cargo Wide-Leg Jeans ($110)

BLANKNYC Denim Maxi Skirt ($108)

Madewell Denim Mid-Rise Maxi Skirt ($98)

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