Feng Chen Wang – All About Patchwork Fall 2023

Lately we haven’t mentioned patchwork denim so much, but let us tell you – this trend isn’t going anywhere.

It might not be the top trend this season, but it is definitely present. Also because in the warmer summer weather we do prefer a lighter weight denim, and patchwork jeans generally come in a heavier weight.

Feng Chen Wang’s fall 2023 collection shows us her very own interpretation of patchwork denim.

Born in China and based in Shanghai, Feng drew upon the Chinese tradition of the “Hundred Families Robe,” a patchworked mantle made up of 100 pieces of fabric collected from friends and family and said to bring luck to a newborn. In Feng’s version, she spliced up deadstock fabrics from her studio with many silk and denim fabrics. The results are quite interesting and definitely eye-catching, You can check out the denim looks for yourself in the gallery below.

This collection will only be available in a couple of months from now, but you can shop for the current spring/summer 2023 pieces here, here, and here.

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