Wander By Cone Denim x AMK Atelier x Tonello

Cone Denim’s latest collaboration is based on the concept of being outdoors, healthy, without stress, and, definitely, thinking and living sustainable.

They teamed with Maria Gunnarsson, founder of Amsterdam-based AMK Atelier, to develop the gorpcore range. Garments made with Cone Community Mental Health Awareness cotton selvedge, identifiable by its neon green ID, highlight the mental health benefits of being immersed in nature.

Citing research from the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, Cone said spending time in nature is therapeutic and has been associated with lower rates of depression and reduced stress.

The 13-piece Wander capsule, on display at Kingpins, was inspired by the outdoors and the mental health benefits of being immersed in nature. Each garment in the collection has the well-known J.R.R. Tolkien’s quote, ‘all who wander are not lost,’ lasered into the fabric.

Wander carries a dual meaning. On one hand, our minds can wander and cause our mental health to be challenged. On the other hand, wandering in nature positively affects our mental health. The Wander collection includes garments in a range of Cone Denim fabrics, featuring the neon green ID Cone® Community Mental Health Awareness selvage, where a portion of sales from this collection are donated to the Child Mind Institute.

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