Top Trend – Low Rise Loose/Baggy Jeans Under $80

Low rises are calling gain! After years of high- and super high rises, the denim world is more than ready to go for a lower rise once again.

And this time it’s all about the looser fitting and relaxed denim styles as opposed to the skinnies. Not only are the baggy jeans more comfortable when it’s like 90 degrees out there, but they also give you more options of how to wear them. You can either roll them up at the cuffs like we’ve always done with our boyfriend jeans, Or you can wear them overlong which is what fashion “demands” right now. And, of course, there is the option of cutting off the hems. Frayed hems have been one of the longest and ever lasting fashion styles in the last decades.

And there’s one more thing. If you’re not sure you want to adhere to the low-rise denim trend your best option is to just try it and find out! And this is why we’ve chosen our favorite pairs of low rises for under $80. You can’t go very wrong for this price:-)

BDG Bella Baggy Jeans ($59) – available in six different washes

We The Free Shelby Low-Rise Boyfriend Jeans ($78) – available in eight different colors

Hollister Low-Rise Baggy Jeans ($54.95) – also available in medium blue and black

PacSun Eco Low-Rise Baggy Jeans (on sale $45.56)

Abercrombie & Fitch Low Rise Baggy Jeans (promo $76.50)

GAP Low Rise Stride Jeans With Washwell ($79 – 50% promo)

Express Low-Rise Baggy Jeans ($59.99)

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