What Exactly Are Raw Denim Jeans?

Raw denim jeans are every denim purist’s go-to for jeans.

Summing it up – raw denim is denim that has not been pre-washed nor distressed in any way. It is pretty much the antithesis to the whole distressed trend.

All denim starts as raw denim. Technically speaking, once it hits water, it is no longer considered raw.

Even though raw denim is often associated and even confused with selvedge denim, raw denim is not necessarily selvedge denim. Any kind of denim fabric that has not been washed or treated before being manufactured is considered raw denim.

And with this season’s trend of darker wash jeans, raw denim jeans might be just what you are looking for.

Just a piece of advice from your Denimology team: Hold off washing your raw denim jeans for as long as you can. The reason being that you need to soften the jeans, wear them in to make them fit exactly to your body.

And when you do wash them, avoid any strong detergent, even consider washing them without any detergent at all. Wash cold on gentle cycle inside out, and line dry. It’s the most environmentally friendly way to wash your jeans with the added benefit of extending their life, helping them to last longer. And if you really can’t do without a dryer – go for tumble dry with low heat.

If this feature has put you into the mood of going for some cool new raw denim jeans – we got you covered! Scroll down for some of our team’s suggestions 🙂

A.P.C. Standard Jeans Japanese Raw Selvedge Denim ($270) women’s, men’s

RAEY Raw Organic Cotton Jeans ($335) for men, for women ($255)

Everlane Organic Cotton Slim Fit Jeans ($88) for him , The Baggy Jeans ($128) for her

DARKPARK Daisy Denim Military Pants ($600)

Khaite The Danielle Jeans ($480)

Magda Butrym High-Rise Baggy Jeans ($745)

Dondup Logo-Print Raw Denim Jeans ($202)

Sandro Slim Fit Jeans in Raw Denim ($265)

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